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Why Two Is Better Than One

Try our Two Regular DeLuxe® Fruitcake Bundle Today!
December 17, 2020

Why Two Is Better Than One

Why Two Is Better Than One

We understand our DeLuxe® Fruitcake is just too dang good. There is no need to explain to us why you want to order a second one.  We toooootally get it. It’s almost impossible to resist the freshly-baked flavors of pecans, pineapples, cherries, papayas, and golden raisins all wrapped up in our silky, sweet batter.  And luckily for you, right now, we have a super sweet deal running on our Double DeLuxe® Bundle—two Regular-Sized DeLuxe® Fruitcakes for only $54.94.



Now, we are certain you don’t need any extra help finding reasons to order a second cake. The fact our DeLuxe® is delicious is reason enough.  But for anyone sitting on the fence, we are happy to give you a little push...

  • REASON #1: Some things just go better as a pair: socks, gloves, chopsticks, walkie-talkies,... our DeLuxe® Fruitcake. We guess you could have just one, but what would be the point?
  • REASON #2: With two cakes, there’s more to share! You will no longer have to find a hiding place to stash your sweet treat. No more sneaking off when you think no one is looking to secretly indulge in a slice. Our Bundle allows you to be the generous soul you so want to be.
  • REASON #3: With two cakes, you won’t have to make the difficult decision of what to bring to that holiday potluck. Keep one cake for yourself and pack up the second to take to star as the party’s dessert centerpiece!
  • REASON #4: You can keep the second cake kid-friendly. We all like to indulge in a tipple every now and again. For some, that means soaking a fruitcake in a little holiday hooch.  However, you don’t want any kiddos to get into the holiday spirit if you know what we mean. The beauty of our Bundle is you can keep one cake classic (for the kids) and laden the other one with your favorite liquor (for the grown-ups). Win-Win!
  • REASON #5: If you happen to end up with leftover fruitcake, you can always try one of these delicious recipes, like bread pudding made with fruitcake!
So, have you fallen off the fence yet? Not quite yet?
Well then, this last tidbit should push you right over the edge...
  • REASON #6: Our DeLuxe® Bundle is now on sale! SAY WHAT? That's right! Order now and receive this ultimate dessert duo for less!


Double the cake means double the fun! Both DeLuxe® Fruitcakes are made with crunchy pecans, hand-picked pineapple, and all-natural honey. With two Regular-Sized Fruitcakes per Bundle, you can snack slowly on the first, knowing your second cake is waiting. Or, give the second cake as a gift! Either way, two fruitcakes are always better than one. Bundle & save when you order today!

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