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Why Do We Give Fruitcakes for Christmas Anyway?

December 8, 2015

Why Do We Give Fruitcakes for Christmas Anyway?

Our video explains how this tradition began, and why it continues to thrive today.

"Only a few generations ago, before refrigeration, there was only one way to enjoy the sweets-of-harvest in the colder months. And that was by preserving fruits and nuts, into a cake — A delicious reminder of Earth’s bounty into the depths of winter.

Now keep in mind, preparing this cake took quite an effort, and almost always was as an act of love. Fruit had to be washed, dried out and pitted. Sugar would be cut from loaves, had to be pounded and sieved. Pecans were painstakingly shelled for hours on end. All this would then be mixed into a cake that would preserve in the cellar. By the time winter came around, there was little, if anything, sweet left to eat. Yet, down in the cellar, was that last remnant of the year’s labor. And only for the most special occasion would it be brought out and enjoyed. Crafted with human hands, and made with a labor of love, this cake was a cause for celebration, giving thanks and exchanging gifts.

Now today, it seems our holidays have lost a certain character. But here in Texas, we take care of our traditions. For over 120 years, here at Collin Street Bakery, we’ve stayed true true to our original recipe and continue to decorate each cake by hand. Still family owned and operated, we’re well into our second century, and fourth generation, of making — the world’s finest fruitcake."

Now, I'll say that we put a huge effort into making this video. We worked on the script for weeks and we're pretty proud of what came out of it. If you enjoyed the video, or were fascinated by the history, please click on the link below and share it with your friends!

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