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What's It Like Becoming a New Dad

Thomas McNutt holding Baby max with Hollie
May 21, 2021

What's It Like Becoming a New Dad

Thomas McNutt Sums Fatherhood With One Word: “Fun”

If you’re a Collin Street groupie, you probably know one of our fearless leaders, Thomas McNutt. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet to meet him, here’s your chance! 

Mr. Thomas McNutt is the Executive Vice President of our wonderful bakery. He’s the brother of Will McNutt and the nephew of Bob McNutt, President of Collin Street Bakery. He’s the proud husband to Julie McNutt and the father to two wonderful children, Hollie and Max.


Now, Thomas is new to the fatherhood game. Baby Hollie is only 18 months old and little Max just turned two weeks old. With Thomas being such a new dad, we knew he would have excellent insight into this years’ Father’s Day. So, we sat down with him to chat about life pre-kids, life post-kids, and ask him for his fatherly advice. 

Our Interview With Thomas McNutt


Interviewer: Can you tell me what was your life like pre-kids?

Thomas: Oh gosh...I don't even remember. Spoiled rotten, I think. I asked Julie the other night, I was like, "Hey, what did we do before we had children?” and she couldn’t remember either.

I mean, life pre-kids was great but, I just didn't know what I was missing. I didn't know the joys that I was going to experience with kids. I had this outlook of, "Gosh, having kids sounds really stressful and scary. It just looks so difficult." Does that make sense?


Interviewer: Totally. You hear friends and family talk about how overwhelmingly stressful it can be. When the kids aren't sleeping or being picky eaters, or sick every other month... You're like, man, that sounds like a lot.

Thomas: A hundred percent. All that to say, I was just very mistaken. My two children have been, two of the most positive additions to my life ever. . The sacrifice has paled in comparison to what we’ve gained.

Gosh, having kids is just so freaking fun. I go home at night and I laugh my tail off with my kids. My little toddler, she's 18 months old, and she is so fun. God bless her, she thinks I'm the coolest thing since sliced bread.


Interviewer: Your 18-month—that’s baby Hollie, right?

Thomas: That’s right!


Interviewer: So, how did you find out about baby Hollie? How did you discover you were going to be a dad for the first time?

Thomas: Well it’s a little sad, but very beautiful. So my wife, Julie, had a grandfather name Hollis Guy who she was very close to. He was just an amazing man and he lived in a tiny town in Louisiana. Well, God bless him, one day maybe about two and a half years ago, he lost his battle to stomach cancer.

Well, on the day of his funeral visitation, Julie got a positive pregnancy test. I remember we all joined hands to pray and Julie's grandmother said "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. We are sad about the loss of life, but we're gaining another one. Julie and Thomas are pregnant."


Interviewer: Wow.

Thomas: Wow, is right. So, had Hollie been a boy, we likely would have named him Hollis Guy, after her granddad. But, it turns out she was a little girl. So, we took his name, Hollis, dropped the ‘S’ added an ‘E’. As for her middle name, we just took his initial ‘G’ and made it Hollie Grace. That's as close as we could get it.


Interviewer: What a beautiful name! And then your son, Max. How did you find out about Max?

Thomas: Well, his announcement, he was just a nice little surprise for us...

Thomas: We got two under a year and a half. What a surprise!


Interviewer: Oh goodness, well hopefully they're going to be very close friends.

Thomas: I hope so. But my brother and I are 17 months apart, my two kids are 17 months apart. He’s my best friend, next to my wife. He and I know each other very, very well. Hollie has already got these little motherly instincts in her year and a half old body. She'll see Max, and she'll be like, "Baby!" and run to grab the pacifier and take it to him. She’ll pet him. We have to be careful though cause sometimes she can pet a little aggressively.


Interviewer: They don’t know their own strength. Those little baby hands, man. Nothing has you questioning your own strength like trying to pry something out of a toddler’s grip.

Thomas: You're not wrong.


Interviewer: So, what advice would you give someone who is an expecting father?

Thomas: My advice would be to pray for guidance, pray for the right perspectives, pray for wisdom, and pray for discernment.

Also, I have just recently learned this as a second-time father. One of the most helpful things I can do for my wife right now with us having a newborn is to just take Hollie and go do something. Letting my wife just breathe a little with only having to watch one kiddo.


Interviewer: How do you think it's going to be different raising a little girl from a little boy?

Thomas: Oh gosh. Well, I was raised with no sisters and no girl cousins. So, I felt pretty clueless about it. I was so nervous about having a little girl, but when she arrived, I don't know how to describe it. She is just so fun. And as for my son, I don’t quite know yet. Two weeks in we are doin’ great!


Interviewer: If you had to describe you and your wife's parenting personalities... There's always a good cop and a bad cop. Between the two of you, who’s who?

Thomas: Well, I think as is usual, Julie will be more strict with our daughter and I’ll be a big ole softy. I'm going to be like, "Get this girl whatever she wants immediately!" And then with my son, I think I’ll be more strict and my wife will be the gentler personality.


Interviewer: At least there’s a balance. Well, I’ve taken enough of your time. I greatly appreciate your insights and once again, congratulations on your new baby, Max.

Thomas: Thank you!


Don't Forget Your Own Dad!

Well, there you have it. Reflections from a brand new dad. Being a parent isn’t always easy, but it’s supremely rewarding. As you read this and reflect on the dads in your life, don’t forget to order them a little something special in honor of Father’s Day. Hop on over to our specials page to check out all our terrific dad-themed gifts.

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