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What Dessert Personality Are You? Find Out Below!

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December 7, 2015

What Dessert Personality Are You? Find Out Below!

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but dessert is definitely the most fun. It’s the most adventurous, the most enjoyable, and without doubt, the best way to finish any meal. Collin Street Bakery offers a wide range of desserts and holiday treats, from pecan cakes to sugar cookies. Which dessert are you? Find out which one of our desserts best matches your personality:



Do you tend to fly under the radar? You eat healthy, enjoy family traditions, and are sometimes a little nutty. You are the life of the party—when you are invited—but it takes people extra time to fully understand you and your quirky character. Often times, you are considered an introvert, but the ones who really know you aren’t fooled. Your friends and family try to get you out more often, and when you join them, you take the room by surprise with your wit and warmth. Fruitcakes are—and have always been—forever friends.



Do children and puppies make you smile from ear to ear? If so, you are a classic cheesecake. Your rich personality is one everyone loves. You are the type of person we see volunteering on holidays, working for charities, and walking orphaned pets on the weekends. Your sweet personality is charming, and when you walk into a room, everyone is excited to see you. You are the type of person who can fit in at any event, holiday, or gathering. As a cheesecake, you spread cheer at weddings, office parties, and birthdays. You enjoy fresh fruit, but you have been known to indulge in the cookie box as well.


Pecan Pie and Pecan Cakes

You like to keep things a little mysterious. It is never black or white for you. You know life is complex, with its gray areas, sugar and spice, hidden meanings, and sweet-and-salty moments. You enjoy deep conversations about politics and tax reform, and always have a critical reading to offer at your book club. A pecan pie wants to talk about the underlying images of assimilation and gender roles in a novel, not the love story. Pecan cakes are introverted, analytical, and philosophical. What we see on the surface is rarely who they are inside.



You are the old fashioned type. You want to settle down, and live the good life with the person you love. You are happiest when in good company, just as any cookie couples well with hot tea or coffee. You love family traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. You enjoy having kids around, often reminisce about the past, and you’ve been able to count on the same friends since high school. Your heart is warm, your family is strong, and your style is classic.

Get a taste of your true personality at Collin Street Bakery. Order the dessert that best suits your personality type, and try out some others as well. You can visit us online or stop by one of our Texas locations.

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