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Santa Interns at The Office

Santa Interns at The Office
December 2, 2020

Santa Interns at The Office

What Happened On Santa's First Day?

As it turns out, Mrs. Claus makes great cookies. But when it comes to fruitcake, she might need a little practice. So Santa asked if he could intern at the Collin Street Bakery to learn from the world’s leading fruitcake experts.

So, what was it like having Santa working at Collin Street!? Well, simply put, he took our bakery employees on one hilarious sleigh ride! From jingle bells, to Christmas carols, to lumps of coal, our fruitcake family will never be the same after inviting Mr. Claus to intern at the Bakery. Turns out, Santa’s cookie cravings might have gotten the better of him. See for yourself!


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Santa Approved Fruitcake

Snack Like Santa

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