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Reasons We're Thankful for Thanksgiving Pies

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November 13, 2015

Reasons We're Thankful for Thanksgiving Pies

Oh, the delectable, delicious goodness that is the pie!

There are plenty of things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving – the love of family and friends, a cozy home to keep out the chilly weather, and a feast starring a perfectly roasted turkey – but Thanksgiving pies have a special place in our hearts, as well. 

There’s just something about the gooey nuttiness of a pecan pie, the sweet fruitiness of an apple pie, the spiced creaminess of a pumpkin pie, or the dark richness of a chocolate fudge pie that makes us especially thankful for this Thanksgiving staple. And we’re not alone – pie is one of America’s favorite desserts.

So to celebrate this most heavenly of desserts, we’ve put together an ode of sorts to Thanksgiving pies. Here are just three of the reasons why we are thankful for pie.


1. Pie connects us to our heritage

Pies are just about as traditional as you can get. From pioneer women on the prairie to our own grandmothers, Americans have baked pies since our country’s beginnings. It’s not without reason that the old saying goes, “As American as apple pie!” But even before that, pies were lovingly baked by families and bakeries in the Old World. Pie connects us to our culture, our history, and our family’s past.

There aren’t many recipes that can stand the test of time that way, pleasing palates generation after generation, but pie is one of them. Just think – with every bite of that Thanksgiving pie, you’re tasting the same sweet decadence that your parents loved, that your grandparents indulged in, that your ancestors savored on special occasions. It’s a very real link to your own personal past, as well as to our nation’s history. How many other foods can boast the same?


2.  Pie links us to the seasons

Cakes, cookies, and other desserts are delicious, and can be perfect for special occasions, holidays, and everyday enjoyment alike – but pies have a unique connection to certain seasons. Fruit pies are made when fresh fruits are in season – apple pies in the fall, cherry pies in the spring and summer… When pumpkins ripen, we see pumpkin pies begin to appear at fall and winter holiday celebrations. And when pecans are harvested, pecan pies make their much anticipated appearance. Pies tend to be richer in the colder months, and lighter in the spring and summer.

Not only do they link us to the seasons, they also put us instantly into a holiday mood because of their association with Thanksgiving especially, but also Christmas, the 4th of July, and even Easter. Pies serve as a connection to our seasonal celebrations and nature’s bounty.


3. Pie offers something for everyone

Don’t like rich desserts? Try a light, flaky, springtime fruit pie. Craving something decadent and creamy? Take a bite of a luscious chocolate fudge pie. Prefer something a little tart? Try a lemon meringue. No matter what your dessert preferences, or what mood you’re in, there’s a type of pie to fit. Pie is simply delicious, no matter how you look at it – from the crust to the filling to the whipped cream or ice cream on top.

Is it any wonder we’re thankful for pie this fall? With its unique ability to connect us with our heritage and with the changing seasons, and to please any palate, pie just might be the perfect dessert. And feasting on several different types each Thanksgiving just adds to the fun. So be sure to save room this Thanksgiving to enjoy a slice..or four..of your favorite pies. Check out our selection of pies here at Collin Street Bakery to pick the perfect companions to your holiday meal – and you’re sure to be just as thankful as we are!

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