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The Creation of Our Perfect Pecan Pie

The Creation of Our Perfect Pecan Pie
August 17, 2020

The Creation of Our Perfect Pecan Pie

Our DeLuxe® Fruitcake is famous around the world. Celebrated for its excellence in quality and taste, our fruitcake has come to be one of Collin Street Bakery’s many crowning achievements. We say ‘one’ of our achievements because we make more than just high-quality fruitcake. We bake a whole range of deliciously, hand-crafted desserts. Take for example our Pecan Pie; it’s an award-winning classic.


Handmade with loving care, we begin by combining whole eggs, warm brown sugar, and real butter to create a silky, caramel-like custard. Folded together with crunchy pecans and poured into a light and flaky crust, our pies are then baked till golden brown. The perfect combination of crunchy and smooth textures, a slice of our Pecan Pie is a ticket to dessert heaven. Paired with a swirl of whipped cream or enjoyed à la carte, just one bite and you’ll see why people say we’ve crafted the best Pecan Pie recipe ever. Order one right now and see what all the buzz is about.


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