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Let's Get This Bread

LetsGetThisBread Collin Street Bakery Meme hero
October 29, 2018

Let's Get This Bread

Let's Get This Bread...

Collin Street Bakery’s Pecan bread, that is!


Soft, delicious, and ready for a sandwich, our Pecan Bread has been a long-time customer favorite. Originally called “Crimp Bread”, this circular loaf is baked in a special crimp pan giving it it’s unique rigged appearance.

Made with native Texas pecans, our bread is sweet, savory and exclusively sold at all of our Collin Street Bakery Retail Locations.


Chris Woolsey, our Inventory Control Manager, holds a loaf of our Pecan Bread while standing next to one of our restored Ford Model T Delivery Trucks.


In the early 1900’s, Collin Street delivered freshly baked bread to local homes and business with the assistance of horse-drawn carriages. However, as demand began to outpace our delivery efforts, horse-drawn carriages were replaced by the far more quick and efficient Model T Trucks.


Then, in the 1930’s, as the popularity of our baked goods began to geographically transcend the ability to fulfill same-day delivery, it was imperative to shift our bakeries focus. It was then Collin Street Bakery began producing more fruitcakes; fruitcakes could safely travel far distances while maintaining their taste and texture upon arrival. This his how Collin Street Bakery forged its legacy as the world’s most popular fruitcake delivery bakery.


However, our Pecan Bread has not been forgotten! Although it is no longer our main product, it can still be found in our bakeshops, served in sandwiches or sold as whole loaves.


Our Pecan Bread is available for purchase at any of our bakeshops right NOW!

So what are you waiting for? #LetsGetThisBread

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Danny W Ball
February 14, 2022
How do I order this bread. My son is on Autistic spectrum and very picky what he eats, and he loves this bread for breakfast . We live in Paris , Texas, how do I order this item. Please and Thank You D.W.Ball
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