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Have You Ever Tried Fruitcake?

Have You Ever Tried Fruitcake?
December 8, 2017

Have You Ever Tried Fruitcake?

For many of us, holiday traditions and food are tightly interwoven. Does it truly feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas have been celebrated if not accompanied by holiday staples such as mashed potatoes, turkey, and fruitcake?!  Without these culinary icons, something would feel amiss. But, let’s be honest. Have you ever actually taken a bite of the decadent dessert we’ve all come to know, and some of us to love?


Fruitcake is the Perfect Holiday Dessert


Every Thanksgiving and Christmas meal in my grandparents’ home would feature a fruitcake; in my eyes, it was a lovely ornamental addition to the table. As grandmothers do, mine carefully watched me fill my plate. As I went to sit down I hear her say, “You forgot to get a slice of fruitcake, darlin’!”


DeLuxe® Fruitcake and DeLuxe Fruitcake Petites Holiday Centerpiece


She cut a slice of perfect proportion and placed it between my canned cranberries and stuffing. I felt her eyes watch me in anticipation as I took my first bite of the classic Deluxe fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery. I took my first bite, and I could not believe what I had been missing out on for so many years. The soft, yet slight crunchiness of the pecans, mixed with dried fruit and honey created a symphony of tastes in my mouth - perfection!



Try This Fruitcake Recipe for the Holidays



Want to try the DeLuxe® Fruitcake Stuffing? Get the full recipe here. Julia Childs once stated, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” There is no way of knowing for certain if she was referencing fruitcake, but I bet she would agree; a holiday party without fruitcake is just a sad meeting. The thing most compelling about fruitcake commentary, is most people do not really know much about this classic dessert. Besides the retired old jokes which circulate around Christmas time, there really is very little information shared about fruitcake. Here’s the thing about fruitcake, it is actually pretty good. Sweet, dense, and nutty - there have been many jokes aimed toward this confectionery legend. But the history and popularity of fruitcake is no joke!


Why is Fruitcake a Holiday Tradition?


Fruitcake is a global culinary delicacy. The list of countries which celebrate the creation and consumption of fruitcake is pretty lengthy. This list includes Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. If you’d like to read more about holiday traditions in other countries, check out our blog post about Christmas traditions in countries around the world! Thoughtfulness. Love. Hard Work. Selflessness. This is what a fruitcake represented. Watch the video that tells you why fruitcake is a holiday tradition.


What Goes Into a Fruitcake?


The reason fruitcake has been so globally historically popular is because of its preservational capability. Fruitcake was created to preserve fruit and nuts gathered during the times of harvest for nourishment and enjoyment in the barren months of winter. Fruits and nuts were collected and candied prior to their inclusion in the batter. The cake itself was created with only the highest quality flour, sugar, and butter. Often times, the cake was soaked in brandy, rum or bourbon, adding density and prolonging the cake’s preservational capacity in times when refrigeration was a nonexistent luxury. This is why fruitcake still lives as a holiday tradition.


Winter Holiday Background with DeLuxe® Fruitcake and Red Ornaments


Listen to Your Elders


Not because they are always right, but because they have more experience of being wrong. Not surprisingly, fruitcakes today are generally thought of as gifts given to older generations at family gatherings. The gifting of a fruitcake to an older member of your family is more than just the giving of a gift. It is a remembrance of their lives! A salute to their childhood and a nod to simpler times. Giving a fruitcake is as much nourishment for the soul as much as it is for the body. As for younger generations who think they are ‘#TotallyOver’ this holiday classic, I say "Don't knock it til you try it"!



Trying Fruitcake for the First Time


I get it. I avoided fruitcake for years. The first time I tried it, my whole perspective on holiday food changed. We have been eating fruitcake for generations, not to decorate the dinner table, or to regift. It’s stuck around so long because once you try it you’ll get a sense of why it has turned into a family tradition for so many - and a delicious one at that!



That is a part of what makes traditions so special. They are no longer actions performed for self-preservation, but for enjoyment and remembrance of how far we have come. The reasons for the creation of the fruitcake might no longer exist; but the unity fruitcake brings to a family will continue to live on, as it has for generations. As you saw with Charlie and his dad, fruitcake is a timeless staple of love and tradition.


Fruitcake - Its Tradition


Traditions cannot live on if we do not choose to carry their flame. Fruitcake on the holidays is among those traditions which should live simply because they connect us to our past and honor our journey to the present. No, these traditions should not just live. They should be cherished, loved, and shared.



Celebrate with the Gift of Fruitcake


What if you want to send a decadent holiday treat to a loved one, but don’t know what kind of Texas Fruitcake package to order? Not to worry! Freshness is always a guarantee, as the unparalleled quality is demanded of every single cake. Check out the website or send holiday traditions in the form of a Collin Street Bakery gift card.


Luckily for us, we have bakeries, like Collin Street Bakery and Cafe, which enable us to our outsource this labor of love. As we toil with other holiday traditions like tree decorating, gift wrapping, and card sending, Collin Street Bakery specializes in the creation of holiday delicacies. Not only do they sell internationally sought Texas Fruitcakes, but also pies, cheesecakes, cookies, cakes and more!   Collin Street Bakery has been featured on television shows including The Chew, Best Thing I Ever Ate, Good Morning Texas, and more. Collin Street Bakery ships to almost every country in the world, roughly totaling over 1 million fruitcakes shipped every year!


Whether you are ordering domestic or international, the ordering process could not be more simple. Peruse and shop their goodies online or submit an order form. If you would like to enjoy and share this classic holiday tradition... CLICK HERE to order your Collin Street Bakery Fruitcake today!



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