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Features and Benefits of Visiting our Bakeshops

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May 24, 2019

Features and Benefits of Visiting our Bakeshops

Here at Collin Street Bakery, it is our passion to make each and every visit to our bakery a memorable event. From the moment you walk through our doors to the moment you leave, we strive to ensure each trip is a celebration of great food enjoyed in the company of friends and family. Thinking of planning your next trip to one of our Bakery locations? You’re in luck! Whether you most enjoy our walls filled with bakery history, our delicious freshly baked goods, or our excellent customer service, we guarantee there is something at our bakeries to please everyone.


Our History

Collin Street Bakery West 7th Location Corsicana Historic Photo

Decorating the walls of each of our bakeshops are historic photos, letters, and displays telling the tale of our founding and evolution. You see, visiting a Collin Street Bakery bakeshop isn’t just about buying delicious baked goods. It’s also about taking a tour of our bakeries' history. From the original DeLuxe® signage made in 1896 to the countless letters from people all over the world ordering our fruitcakes, our bakeshops are just as much a museum as they are bakeries.


Founded over a century ago, our humble bakery was established on the ideas of quality products and quality service. These ideas can be seen throughout our bakeshops, not only in our products but also in our proudly displayed historical memorabilia. Though the times may change, here at the Bakery, our customs and values remain intact and unaltered.



Our Selection

While many of our products can be ordered online, visiting a Collin Street Bakery Bakeshop is a truly unique experience. The selection in-store is far more extensive, with enough options to fit everyone's tastes. Whether you are interested in perusing the case of the cookies, ordering a fresh salad for lunch, or simply getting a hot cup of gourmet coffee, our bakery has something for everyone.


What’s better, the Bakeshops offers free samples! “I think it's a big benefit of coming into the bakery. If you go online you're only looking for stuff that you like. People are less likely to buy things online they're not familiar with,” says Kristen Goodnight, Team Supervisor. “If you're in the store it gives you the chance to try new things. By trying new things you not only begin to broaden your horizons, but you also get great gift ideas for your friends and family.”


Our Service

Whenever you step into a Collin Street Bakery Cafe, you aren’t just a customer. You are a member of our bakery family! It’s our passion to serve you and make you feel welcome.


We really aim to achieve the family vibe and friendless that's a huge part of great customer service,” says Kristin Goodnight.

What’s more, if you are feeling indecisive about what to try, simply ask one of our bakery employees! They will be more than willing to find a treat that fits your specific likes.


“We love helping people find out what they're in the mood for,” says Goodnight. “We ask customers what they like and what they don’t like. Then we can kind of steer them in the direction of things they're going to enjoy. For example, our Pecan Nugget cookies taste exactly like our Pecan Pie. I love telling our customers, ‘If you love our Pecan Pie you're going to love this cookie. Not only that, you don’t need a fork and knife.’”



Our Freshness


Here at Collin Street, we are sticklers for freshness. We make certain all the ingredients which go into making our products are the absolute best.


“That goes for everything from the smallest cookie, up to the largest cake that we make. We take an enormous amount of pride in the quality of our products. Whether that’s locally harvested honey, raisins from California, cherries from the Pacific Northwest, our ingredients are the best we can find,” says William McNutt, fourth-generation owner of Collin Street Bakery.


Almost anything you buy at a Collin Street Bakery Bakeshop has been freshly prepared and baked by a Collin Street employee.


“All our Fruitcakes, Pecan Cakes, and pies are baked at our downtown Corsicana location then shipped to our surrounding bakeries,” accounts Goodnight. “All the cookies, bread, and deli items, however, are made or freshly baked in each store.”



Our Cleanliness

Another reason to visit Collin Street Bakery is evident as soon as you walk in the bakery. We take pride in keeping our cafes exceptionally clean, tidy, and well-stocked.



“Coming to our bakery is a luxury experience,” says Goodnight. “It’s not an everyday chore. So we go above and beyond to make sure our facilities are very clean.”


What’s better, our four Texas bakery locations mean you are never too far away from a Collin Street Bakery & Cafe. As Goodnight puts it, “The bakery is a great spot to stop when you’re traveling. Texas is a really big state so traveling for vacations or business means driving very long distances. Our bathrooms are always very clean. It’s one thing about which we frequently receive compliments.”

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