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Dog Personality Quiz

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May 8, 2018

Dog Personality Quiz

Find a dog treat which best matches the personality of your dog. 

Our dogs have unique personalities and specialized tastes! So it’s important to find a flavor of treats which matches your dog’s particular palate.

Step 1:

Complete the below quiz below.

Step 2:

Add up the points assigned to each answer to find a snack that compliments your canine.

  1. What does your dog do first thing in the morning?

  2. a. Grabs their toy and immediately wants to play (1 point)
  3. b. Looks at you, yawns, and rolls over to sleep more (2 points)
  4. c. Asks to go straight outside  (3 points)
  5. d. Wakes but stays close by while you do your morning routine (4 points)
  6. e. Intensely stares at you until you feed them (5 points)


  1. What is your dog’s favorite toy?

  2. a. Anything that makes a lot of noise (1 point)
  3. b. My dog doesn’t really have a favorite toy  (2 points)
  4. c. A bouncy tennis ball (3 points)
  5. d. A classic dog bone (4 points)
  6. e. A plush squeaky toy (5 points)


  1. How does your dog let you know they need to go outside?

  2. a. They scratch at the door till you open it (1 point)
  3. b. Sits beside the door quietly till you see them  (2 points)
  4. c. A gently paw or nose poke (3 points)
  5. d. A single bark - maybe with one reminder bark (4 points)
  6. e. Paces around the door till you see them (5 points)


  1. When your dog is in the car, where do they ride?

  2. a. Moves about the car the entire trip (1 point)
  3. b. In their crate, in the back of the car  (2 points)
  4. c. In the passenger seat (3 points)
  5. d. In the back seat (4 points)
  6. e. On your lap (5 points)


  1. When you pull out the vacuum cleaner, what does your dog do?

  2. a. Runs away to hide (1 point)
  3. b. Naps peacefully while you clean  (2 points)
  4. c. Barks and jumps at the vacuum cleaner (3 points)
  5. d. Sits nearby and watches the vacuum go back and forth (4 points)
  6. e. Jumps up on the nearest furniture to get out of the way (5 points)


  1. How does your dog react when company arrives?

  2. a. Runs all around the house in crazed excitement (1 point)
  3. b. Patiently waits for your guests to come in while calmly wagging their tail  (2 points)
  4. c. Sniffs at your guests legs to detect other dogs smells (3 points)
  5. d. Happily and calmly greats your guests while accepting ear scratches (4 points)
  6. e. Barks at your guests until you calm them down (5 points)


  1. Where does your dog sleep at night?

  2. a. Where ever they run out of the energy (1 point)
  3. b. In their own dog bed (2 points)
  4. c. A little in this room,  a little in that room (3 points)
  5. d. On your bed, down by your feet (4 points)
  6. e. On your bed, as close to your head as possible (5 points)


Tally up those responses! Find which point spread your answers fit best and discovered what your pups tendencies say about their treat preferences >>


Between 5 - 12 points

Your Dog’s Personality: Spazzy and Hyper


Your pooch is a full throttle bundle of energy.  Calm one minute and frenzied the next, your dog can go from 0 to 100 in five seconds flat.  Always looking to play, you can be certain your pooch is down for a game of fetch. You’ve embraced their chaotic ways and love them even more for it. While some might call your doggo “crazy,” you prefer to say they’re “full of life!”


Their Dog Treat: Peanut Butter flavored Nutty Buddies



Between 13 - 18 points

Your Dog’s Personality: Calm and Relaxed


Your hound is one cool cucumber.  At peace with their surroundings, your pup is a zen as a Buddhist temple.  Capable of going with the flow regardless of what is thrown at them, they are the one thing that is constant in a world full of changes; you might even call them your “rock.”  Their soothing, watchful presence is always welcome in your crazy and hectic day. While some might call your pooch “lazy,” you call to say they’re “serene.”


Their Dog Treat: Sweet Potato & Cranberry flavored Sweeties Rewards




Between 19 - 22 points

Your Dog’s Personality: Quirky and Curious  


Your pup is one inquisitive canine.  A dog detective of any sound or smell in their domain, you should have name them Sherlock. Frequently found with their head stuck in a plant or their nose pressed to the ground, they are determined to uncover something new.  Their curious nature is both a source of entertainment and wonder. While some might call your pet “nosy,” you prefer to say they are “inquisitive.”


Their Dog Treat: Blueberry & Coconut flavored Blueberry Crunchies




Between 23 - 28 points

Your Dog’s Personality: Friendly and Even-Tempered


Your canine is one loyal companion.  The perfect family dog, your hound is on point when it comes to following commands.  A people pleaser at heart, they are most happy when by your side. Consistent and trustworthy, , you can walk your pup off-leash or even leave your backyard gate open without fear of them running off.  While some might call your pet “unadventurous” you prefer to say they are “devoted.”


Their Dog Treat: Pumpkin & Spices flavored Pumpkin Pie



Between 29 - 35 points

Your Dog’s Personality: Dainty and Sophisticated


Your dog is one classy and refined breed.  A dog with highbrow taste, they expect to be treated like royalty.  Sometimes forgetting they themselves are not human, your puppy likes to accompany you wherever you go - even while you run errands. Not afraid to be vocal, your pooch’s bark is far worse than their bite.  While some might call your dog “spoiled,” you prefer to say they are “pampered.”


Their Dog Treat: Strawberry & Peanut Butter flavored Strawberry Kisses

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