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Christmas Traditions for Kids Around the World

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December 10, 2015

Christmas Traditions for Kids Around the World

As Texans, we take great pride in our food. During the holiday season, our culinary creations play an important role in bringing families together and celebrating our Southern heritage. With the holidays fast approaching, we at Collin Street Bakery are getting ready to send our famous DeLuxe® Texas Fruitcakes across the 50 states and to almost 200 foreign lands.


Although we at Collin Street Bakery were born and bred in Texas, our fruitcake recipe stretches back to 19th century Germany. As such, we can’t help but wonder what holiday treats the world’s families and children are indulging in this time of year? How do they celebrate the holiday season?


Here are just a few examples of how children and their families celebrate the holidays across the globe:


  • France: Children of France celebrate Noel, which begins the French Christmas season on December 6th. A cherished tradition for French children is to leave their shoes outside on Christmas Eve for Le Pere Noel, their Santa Claus. The French also incorporate significant feasting into their festivities. One of their most popular treats is the Yule Log, a chocolate cake with a cream center, fashioned into the shape of a log.


  • Japan:  Since sweets are not very popular in Japan, the country’s Christmas cake is typically the most decadent treat children will indulge in all year. The traditional Japanese Christmas cake is a simple white cream cake with whipped cream frosting and succulent strawberries, served on a chocolate covered plate.


  • Italy: Italy’s Christmas is focused on the family, and is traditionally a quiet day.  Children write letters to their parents, expressing love and gratitude. On Christmas Eve, children and their families snack on Struffoli, a fried dough nugget with hazelnut and powdered sugar. They also indulge in Amaretti, an Italian almond cookie, and Panettone, an Italian sweet bread.


  • Sweden: In Sweden, children wait for the gnome, Jultomten, to bring them the gifts in his sack. Instead of reindeer, the flying goats of Thor, called the Julbocken, carry Jultomten around in his sleigh. While waiting for their gifts to arrive, children partake in traditional Swedish dishes like Swedish meatballs and Risgrynsgröt, a classic rice pudding.


  • Czech Republic: Children in the Czech Republic enjoy making gingerbread houses during the holiday season, though they prefer to eat them sooner rather than later. They also enjoy fruitcakes and Christmas cookies.


  • Australia: The children of Australia are on summer vacation during the Christmas season. They can be found surfing, riding bikes, and swimming, as well as partaking in Nativity plays that begin in late November. Once the children receive their gifts from Father Christmas, they are served a traditional breakfast of ham and eggs. Following their holiday dinner, most Australians enjoy rum balls, candy canes, and gingerbread cookies.


At Collin Street Bakery, we want to be a part of your holiday tradition, whatever it may be. While we are known for our famous DeLuxe® Texas Fruitcake, our deep-dish pecan pie, chocolate chip cookies, and collection of cheesecakes, are all delectable options for your Christmas festivities. Be sure to check out all the baked goods we offer this holiday season.


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